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Police "clearance certificates": New Zealand Police are often asked for a "Police clearance certificate" or "Police record/file", especially by people applying for a job overseas. New Zealand Police do not produce "clearance certificates". However, you can get a copy of your Criminal Record - which should satisfy your need.

For information on how to access other people's criminal record contact the Ministry of Justice, Privacy Unit telephone 64-4-918 8800 or fax 64-4-918 8974 or by writing to: Ministry of Justice, Privacy Unit, PO Box 2750, Wellington.

A Criminal Record arises from a conviction, therefore Criminal Records are held by the Ministry of Justice, not by New Zealand Police. A Criminal Record is the New Zealand version of; police clearance certificate, police check, personal record, criminal check.

(source NZ Police Website)       


Police Screening: Most companies looking to employ a job candidates just let an expert handle this process for them. In fact our screening service goes further and we are able, using an “Informed Consent” and the MOJ documentation obtain many other pertinent checks such as traffic history, driver licence checks, financial and much more.



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